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Joseph Kony Interview

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Kony was interviewed.





Some amazing development have been happening with Invisible Children. For those of you who haven't seen the Global Night Commute Podcast, you've got to see it! http://www.invisiblechildren.com/theMovie/media/index.php

80,000 people laid down in order to produce the kind of change seen in the above articles.

We won't stop. As for the next step?
Nationally, IC is attempting to have the movie shown to the majority of High Schools across the states. Liked 80,000? How bout 800,000? We can do it. They're also doing the Card Campaign http://www.invisiblechildren.com/theMovement/cardCampaign/ to ignite activism.
In Uganda, they're cranking up their volunteer base and developing and implementing 6 programs to induce change.
On the ground, they've earned the respect of the locals by living meekly and working in the fields as opposed to so many who are steeped in cash and show it.

In Austin, we've got some exciting prospects and we are going to hit the ground running in early September!!
HUGE concerts, Bowlathons, MASSIVE screenings, media events, a Triatholon, a Fun Run, Children Art Festivals...the list goes on and on.
Everyone You Know Must Know What You Know. Change is within our grasps. We must continue to push.

Looks like Austin's got some great ideas. How about you and your city? Let us know. Share the creativity.
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