Jill Hurley (tigbitties) wrote in invisiblenomore,
Jill Hurley

help end slavery...watch a movie

We encourage you to see “Amazing Grace,” Walden Media’s film about the life of abolitionist William Wilberforce, during opening weekend (Feb 23-25). Wilberforce, a British parliamentarian, battled for years against overwhelming odds to ultimately abolish the trans-Atlantic slave trade in 1807.

Continuing Wilberforce’s work, International Justice Mission is honored that The Wilberforce Forum awarded Gary Haugen the 2007 William Wilberforce Award in recognition of IJM’s pioneering work to end slavery. IJM is a key partner in The Amazing Change campaign which seeks to abolish slavery today.

Wilberforce’s dream is our opportunity today, as millions of people are enslaved in our world at this very moment. We encourage you to see “Amazing Grace” and engage in the work to end slavery in our lifetime.

International Justice Mission

Also try and participate in the Invisible Children Campaign on April 28th, called Displace Me.
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