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Invisible Children

Discover the Unseen

Invisible Children: Revealing the Unseen
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This is a community for like minded people who are familiar with the project Invisible Children to get together for multiple purposes. I want us to grow relationships, encourage each other, support ideas, strategize, share stories, and all sorts of fun things. I want this to be fun and helpful. Any ideas let me know. This is your's as much as it is mine. I will delete and block anyone who posts inapporpriate or demeaning comments.

A bit about me, Jill, the mod. I am 30 and live in Texas. I just returned to college last semester after being out 10+ years. I saw the movie last semester at Harding University in Arkansas at the World Mission Workshop. I am a follower of Jesus, but you don't have to be, to be in this group. This movement is about all types of people coming together to help out all types of people. I have seen the movie 4 times since last October. The Invisible Children just launched a National Tour, and the "Texas Roaddies" were in Lubbock last week. Tiffany, Tre', John and Laura are amazing, wonderful, passionate people. If you are in Texas I encourage you to love them with all your heart. I was able to buy a bracelet finally this last week. It comes with the video for a child named Innocent who is a night commuter. (I'm sure you all know this already.) My campus, Lubbock Christian University, has completely embraced Invisible Children, and we hope to partner with them in many ways. I also work with an group called International Justice Mission (www.ijm.org). They do many great things in the world using the legal system. I hope you enjoy this.